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An interactive program designed to train motivated people how to eat and exercise to achieve their body goals and create a healthy lifestyle. Transform your body with proper nutrition and fitness!


Who is Jason Dickinson?

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As a firefighter, I’m heavily involved with fitness and nutrition, but for many years I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to develop that lean physique that I always strived for. After years of working with nutrition coaches, I learned how nutrition alone sculpted my body better than any weight machine or fad diet. I developed DickinsonFIT out of my passion to help and teach others who need direction to achieve similar results. With your 100% commitment to the DickinsonFIT program, we will achieve any goal you set for yourself.

DickinsonFIT is a program to provide you with the proper tools to conquer the body you desire.

The Program

Conquer procrastination, dream big

100% Interactive
24/7 support via email or text.

Weekly Check-Ins
Up-to-date meal plans, progress pictures, weight updates, and more…

Plan Modifications
Program plan adjusted as we achieve your fitness goals 


 Exclusive members only app with updates and plans in the palm of your hand!

How It works

Nutrition knowledge and inspiring ideas to motivate and educate.


Get to know each other:  Complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle and habits. Download an app that works with your Android or iPhone to help record your progress in the palm of your hand.

Macro counting:  You decide to weigh out your meals daily or prep in advance! The important factor is you eat everything and nothing more or less that I outline daily. I will do the work. I will calculate calories, protein, fat and carbs.
Remember, bodies are made in the kitchen!

Just for you: I’ll create a custom plan tailored just for you and your goals. This is designed around your body type, activity level, and goals.

Exercise: I will provide a high-level outline of your weight training each week along with a required cardio schedule. You have to be willing to put in the exercise with the eating to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Plus, me as your partner! I’ll be right next to you throughout your body transformation journey.



Real People, Real Results

  • Jeff

    “DickinsonFIT has changed my life, given me confidence and taught me how and what my body needs through proper nutrition. No gimmicks, just clean eating with healthy foods and working out.  At 48 years old and down 54 pounds, I am in the best shape of my life.  If you’re willing to make this a lifestyle, you will transform your body. It’s that easy.” 

  • CJ

    “DickinsonFIT changed my life. Jason helped me learn what my body needs. No off-the-shelf magic pill or quick fix. No BS. Just solid, healthy nutrition and fitness. DickinsonFIT is incredibly easy to follow and will give you the push you need when you need it!”

  • Chris

    “In July of 2019 my wife and I decided that it was time for a change and checked out DickinsonFIT. A couple of friends had success with the program so I knew that changing my diet would be beneficial for my long-term health and fitness goals. I feel much better mentally and physically than I have in years.”

  • Wendy

    “DickinsonFIT has literally changed my life. I no longer worry if I get enough protein, fat and carbs or what I am going to make for dinner tonight. Jason asks your goals and what you like to eat and provides a week’s daily guide of exactly what to eat at each meal.  My goal was easily achieved without all the anxiety of dieting. The most important part is that I have kept off the weight and continue to enjoy following the DickinsonFIT program. As a gym owner, when I ask a member how they are fueling themselves to achieve their goals, the answer is often, ‘I am not sure’. And my reply is always, ‘Let me tell you about DickinsonFIT’. I love it when they realize the goals they can crush when understanding how eating well helps them move well. I completely trust Jason and his program to help take care of my members nutritional needs and goals.” 

    Wendy Judkins
  • Dave

    “I needed a nutrition game plan I can trust and not spend a bunch of time preparing. DickinsonFIT has the perfect mix of the best food with the  right math. The proof is in the results. I hit my goals within 4 months. Jason is  the real deal.” 

  • Ashley

    “While the physical transformation was awesome, I also saw an increase in my abilities in the gym and an increase in my knowledge surrounding food and counting macros. If you are looking for a supportive guide within the crazy (sometimes complicated) world of macro counting and nutrition that will actually fit your busy lifestyle, Jason is your guy!”

  • FfKQFHXd

    “I couldn’t be more thankful for having such an incredible online personal trainer who gives you tough love for the best reasons and understands your struggles throughout this journey. Trust me, feeling better naked is not just not a catch phrase, it’s definitely a fact.”

  • Meghan
    “At age 38 with two children, I was stuck at 140 lbs. Thanks to DickinsonFIT, I was able to drop 17 lbs and maintain over the last year. There are no gimmicks! Give DickinsonFIT a try! With workouts, eating right and his guidance, you too can meet your goals.”
  • Brian

    “I love working out but have never been able to find a trainer or program that has really worked for me. DickinsonFIT has been the perfect combination of food, workouts, and support. Jason really cares about his clients’ success, has kept me focused on days I just don’t want to do it, and his meals are delicious.”


Let’s Get Started!

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